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Ara Realty
5415 Lake Howell Rd, Ste 260
Winter Park, FL 32792

What's in a Name?

Introducing Ara Realty as a new division of Macaw Lifestyle Properties, LLC

Macaw Lifestyle Properties, LLC will now be operating as Ara Realty. Our new name better reflects our dedication to helping people achieve all of their real estate goals. We maintain the same dedicated team of experts ready and able to serve you whether buying or selling a home, an investment property, or selecting a lifestyle community, including active adult properties, to live your dreams.

Why did we choose Ara Realty? As many of you may know, we are well associated with our beloved office mascot, PJ, a green-wing macaw. We wanted our new name to help people quickly identify us as experts in real estate while continuing to honor our roots.

Ara is the genus of the macaw family of parrots. The full scientific name for green-wing macaw’s like PJ is specifically Ara chloropterus. As a bonus, Ara is also the word for macaw in quite a few languages, including: Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, and Ukrainian! (Thanks to Google Translate.)

So there you have it! Moving forward you may notice that many items are changed over to the new name, but worry not, we are still Macaw Lifestyle Properties, LLC. The two names are legally intertwined and you will see no reduction in service. In fact, we are working hard to get even better every single day!

Call us today. PJ Says, "are you ready buy a house"?



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